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How to install


PLATEPIA can be installed with just one Phillips screwdriver, so it doesn't bother you.


It has a design that allows you to intuitively adjust the binding angle, and it has a simple structure, so even beginners can easily install it.


This is the basic idea of PLATEPIA, which is to add extra things to snowboarding, thoroughly remove unnecessary things, and bring out the performance.

​ What you need for installation



Please use a Phillips screwdriver No. 3.

The notation is okay if you can understand "3" such as + No3 / + Ph3 / # 3.


There are drivers other than "3" in the ski resort, and using them may damage the screws (see image).


Installation requires a stable base, and it is convenient to have a rigid base or a foldable fixing base.

How to tighten the screws



Tighten any screw in diagonal order starting from the starting point.


At first, tighten about 80% of the four screws for the purpose of alignment. While holding the binding, align the screw holes so that they are even.


Finally, tighten the screws firmly to 100%.


Installation is complete when you can confirm that it does not move left or right while holding the binding.


When using PLATEPIA for the first time, be sure to retighten the screws on the slopes! After one lift has

slipped, you can eliminate the looseness by tightening the screws further.

Position with boots​ About adjustment method



The contact of the snow surface with the tip of the toe or the rear end of the heel during a turn is commonly referred to as "drag".


It is regarded as a problem because it may fall due to being caught, decelerated, or the edge coming off the snow surface.


To eliminate it, use the "heel cup adjustment function" on the binding side.


In addition, if you are riding a wide snowboard such as snow surfing or powder, drag will not occur, and if it is a snowboard that fits your boot size, there will be no drag problem in the first place.


UNION ・DRAKE has this function on almost all models.


SALOMON is the junior binding "The Future".


About the centering adjustment function


PLATEPIA prioritized the improvement of power transmission efficiency by mounting it in the center of the 4x4.


In this way, both nimble maneuverability and stability can be achieved at all times.


The center disk is generally equipped with a "centering adjustment" that can be adjusted up, down, left, or right from the "center".


The advantage is that anyone can easily adjust the center.


However, we do not recommend this method because it may cause unbalanced distortion of the disc, which may interfere with both operability and stability.

UNION Binding installation precautions

Union binding 取付の注意点


PLATEPIA1.0-U/1.1-U can only be installed in a square 4x4 type with screw hole spacing of 4cmx4cm..


PLATEPIA1.0-U/1.1-U compatibility status

・REGULAR DISK installation ○

・UNIVERSAL DISK(v2) installation X

・MINI DISKMounting

"FLITE PRO" renewed from 21-22 and 22-23 "ULTRA" have a new specification "UNIVERSAL DISK" (Ultra exclusive disk) and are compatible with PLATEPIA.It cannot be installed.

"MINI DISK" used in "STRATA", "MILAN", etc. cannot be installed because it is a 2x4 type specification.

​Models from 2020 onwards include individuals with a small inner diameter of the disc hole in the binding body. In this case, please install in the order shown in images ①②③.

①Push the clock into the main body from directly above.(It will be easier to fit in if you do it in a warm room)

②Attach titanium plate

③ Check that it fits evenly, making sure it is not tilted, and tighten the screws little by little in diagonal order.

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