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"Smallest but greatest performance"



PLATEPIA will be available as a replacement disc for snowboard bindings in 2019.This product has been on sale since March.

PLATEPIA's belief is "Smallest but greatest performance".

To achieve this, the conventional center disc has undergone a major evolution to a composite structure of lightweight, high-strength metal titanium and high-strength plastic.


・"PLATEPIA1.0(P1.0)" series

・"PLATEPIA2.0(P2.0)" series

・"PLATEPIA1.0-SPEED(P1.0S)" series

It is divided into

Reduce fatigue with energy saving and high efficiency

Analysis comparison 1 medium image quality.jpg


PLATEPIA streamlines the power transmission path.


By making the thickness less than 1/10 that of a standard center disc, we achieve highly efficient power transmission.

・High response due to ultra-high speed


・Highly sensitive snow surface feel due to low center of gravity


・Eliminate inefficient power loss


The power transmitted 360 degrees from the center of PLATEPIA allows you to bend the snowboard freely.


The image above compares a standard disk and PLATEPIA to show how force is transmitted.


Even those who are not confident in their leg strength will be able to skate more easily by transmitting power efficiently.


PLATEPIA, which achieves energy saving and high efficiency, has no similar product until now, and has obtained international patents in various countries around the world.

Design with an emphasis on absolute weight reduction and balance



The PLATEPIA titanium model is designed to be lightweight (absolute weight reduction) after replacement and installation.

In addition, the resin Coloring parts reduces vibrations from the snow surface.

・Average total weight of titanium model approximately 116g = world's lightest 4x4 disc

・Vibration-resistant structure

・Focus on feeling


The titanium model is extremely lightweight and reduces fatigue, giving it a gentle feel even though it is a hard metal material.


It is especially suitable for women, children, beginners, and people who have suffered a serious injury in the past, as they tend to put a lot of strain on their feet.


In addition, the stainless steel model has an average total weight of approximately 192g, achieving acceleration, high power, and high-speed stability (compared to our titanium model).

Differences from plastic discs

Load continuous graph medium image quality.jpg


PLATEPIA uses a "composite type" consisting of two types of materials.


Conventional center discs use "single type" materials such as plastic (or aluminum alloy).


The main structure of this part has remained largely unchanged from the 1990s to the present.


The graph above shows the relationship between (T) time and (Q) force. Compare the changes in characteristics of the averaged data of existing disks and PLATEPIA data.


Plastic shrinks repeatedly, resulting in a bumpy orange trajectory.


PLATEPIA responds quickly regardless of the magnitude of the force, resulting in a blue trajectory, indicating high fidelity to motion(SST TECHNOLOGY).


PLATEPIA uses Design for environment to maximize material properties while improving performance.


It is lightweight, strong, has an ultra-fast response, and has achieved excellent energy efficiency while reducing material use.


From the day you use it, a new snowboarding experience like never before will begin.

Super performance that exceeds high-end class


Installation of PLATEPIA is easy even for women and beginners.


And just by replacing it, you can achieve fatigue reduction effect, high repulsion, and weight reduction.


Snowboard and binding combinations can be uniformly optimized.


It is possible to definitely expand the range of equipment selection and eliminate worries about snowboard and binding specs (regular values).


Especially when the size of items gradually increases from children to adults, you can realize the usefulness of PLATEPIA by eliminating the discomfort of each size.


It is also useful for sunk cost countermeasures.

Prioritizing fashion sense


When it comes to snowboarding, fashion sense is the most important thing.

However, from a marketing perspective, it is clearly disadvantageous that it cannot be seen from the outside that it is being used.

But that's not important to us.

By designing it so that it is hidden behind the foot cover after installation, we express our commitment to invisible undercarriage.

Our product design has always been about free fashion.

​Product lineup diagram


PLATEPIA products are divided into two types: P1.0 and P2.0.

[P1.0/P1.0S series]

◆PLATE1.0 can use the following four types of Rings.

・Ring1.0-F (green) → FLUX/YONEX

・Ring1.0-D (red) → DRAKE/K2

・Ring1.0-U (orange) → UNION*1

・Ring1.1-U (yellow) → UNION *2

[P2.0 series]

◆PLATE2.0 can use one type of Ring.


*1 Early model (model released by 19-20)

*2 Late model (models released from 20-21 to the latest)

Difference between P1.0 and P2.0



P1.0's PLATE1.0 and P2.0's PLATE2.0 are not compatible due to the difference in diameter.


for example​ The P2.0 Ring cannot be installed on the P1.0 series.

There is no difference in the characteristics of P1.0 and P2.0, so the performance and effects are the same.

About us


PLATEPIA Design and Development Department


I discovered snowboarding in 1994, and in 2000 I obtained the official halfpipe professional qualification (PSA Code 3000363, affiliated with PSA ASIA).


During his active years, he competed against super famous people such as Shaun White. I don't remember whether we won or lost (lol).

In 2016, clock circuit technology was applied to the center disc, which evolved into the current composite structure. This is the reason why many PLATEPIA parts have the names of watches.


In 2017, we succeeded in establishing a scientific basis and it was born as PLATEPIA.


If you are looking for a dramatic change in your snowboarding, which one is the right answer for you? I think PLATEPIA is the key to finding the answer.

Japan has a unique snowboarding culture that is different from the world's highly difficult tricks and high-risk orientation.


It is no exaggeration to say that the environment in which everyone needs to be able to easily enjoy PLATEPIA has fostered the current PLATEPIA.


Additionally, titanium has contributed to the development of the aviation industry and space exploration, and the same can now be said for snowboarding.

Made in Kawasaki, an industrial city in Japan, it has also started selling at major domestic sports chain stores, and currently has over 1,000 users and continues to grow.

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