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PLATEPIA 2.0 series







The PLATEPIA 2.0 (P2.0) series is only compatible with Salomon.

The center disc that comes with the Salomon binding has a slightly smaller outer diameter and is thicker, and based on this feature, it is designed from the ground up to maximize the synergistic effect with the basic performance of PLATEPIA.


For this reason, P2.0 was born as a new series that is not compatible with the P1.0 series.


With the launch of the P2.0 series, the most promising combination has been realized.


Of the general junior bindings, Salomon "The Future", the only one that can be used by PLATEPIA, can bring out the abilities of children.

Extensibility of P2.0


The PLATEPIA 2.0 (P2.0) series has different expandability than P1.0.

There are two types of Salomon binding technology, one with Shadowfit and the other with Blaster, each of which has its own personality, such as seeking a wide range of motion for the ankle or enjoying the response.


Snow surfing and free riding are available in combination with Shadowfit-equipped binding models, which give you more freedom of ankle range of motion.


It is possible to create a style by lowering the posture.


In combination with Blaster-equipped bindings, it is suitable for competitions such as big air and super pipes with strong impact.


In the ​GROM category, there is "The future" for junior bindings.

Junior bindings available



Junior bindings are now available in the PLATEPIA 2.0 (P2.0) series .

Of the common junior bindings, PLATEPIA can be used with Salomon "The Future".


Since the binding has a heel cup adjustment function, the XS-SM can be adjusted in three stages as the child grows as the boot size grows.


In addition, the adjustment range of the strap (Shadow  strap) is wide, so it is easy to fit the boots and bindings.


The feeling of the sole of the foot and the movement of the center of gravity required for the turn can be further improved with PLATEPIA 2.0 , so it is possible to shorten the time to improve (In-house Research).


In addition, even after improving, there is no need to replace it with a new one in terms of performance, and you can continue to use it for junior class competitions.

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