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High quality 4x4 disc with all parts made in Japan

PLATEPIA Titanium disc

World's first dedicated disc replacement accessory



Uses next-generation material, highly rigid and lightweight titanium



Power efficiency of over 300% compared to conventional materials



High longevity & long-lasting effects

Dance in the snow! ! !

Ultra lightweight and highly resilient replacement titanium disc.

Aimed at effective use of power, it achieves powerful and high operability while reducing energy consumption.

After installation, 
It will definitely be lighter (absolute weight reduction).

For snowboarding enthusiasts, we want you to experience the true strength, lightness, comfort, and many other features that come with cutting-edge technology.

​PLATEPIA is a product for everyone, but we specifically introduce recommended effects.

If any of these apply to you, I'm sure you'll be satisfied with your purchase.


PLATEPIA Titanium disc

Recommended points!



Those who want to make a special carving turn


PLATEPIA's carving turn is called [KATANA carving].

Cut the snow surface thinly and gently.


This sharpness is achieved by PLATEPIA completely eliminating edge deceleration factors.

If there were no edges of the ski slope, the sharpness would seem to extend forever.

This turn performance can only be experienced with PLATEPIA.



Those who want to start powder snowboarding


The addition of floatability and lightweight maneuverability to the usual snowboard makes it harder to get buried in deep snow. 

It is very tiring to keep riding on the back foot all the time to avoid being buried in the snow."

Many beginners must have experienced this kind of experience.

If your snowboard has enhanced flotation, you will have more chances to ski well even if you are not good in fresh snow.

In addition, when it becomes easier to perceive the sensation of the snow surface from the soles of the feet, it becomes easier to apply minute amounts of force, further reducing the burden on the feet.

The performance is extensively demonstrated not only on hard snow such as artificial snow, but also on natural soft snow. 

This is the benefit of technological innovation."

It is very expensive to buy all the equipment for a full-fledged fresh snow specialist.

For beginners, PLATEPIA is a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy fresh snow.

Calculate the total cost now.



Those who want to jump without being restricted by gravity


Titanium's high stiffness and light weight add height to your existing jumps.

It reduces fatigue on jumps while providing tremendous height.

You can perform as if you were standing still in the air for a moment.

This is what PLATEPIA does best.



People who need flexibility in their snowboard


Light, stiff titanium can add flexibility to your snowboard.

 More and more snowboarders are looking to strengthen their snowboards, especially torsion.

Even after you have all your snowboard equipment, you can easily strengthen it by installing PLATEPIA.

The unique technology that suppresses external vibrations also improves stability as well as flexibility.

We have taken the stability and control skills that advanced skiers have and made them a reality through physical performance.

The high maneuverability makes it almost impossible to get buried in wet spring snow.

All snow conditions can be handled, allowing for nimble, skateboard-like maneuvering.



Those who are skeptical about product performance


All-round performance, meaning that there are no drawbacks, but strictly speaking, it is difficult to achieve all performance.

 Many people have experienced that after using the supplies they purchased, the performance is not what they thought it would be beforehand.

Usually, when you seek power, you lose flexibility.


On the other hand, seeking flexibility may result in a loss of stability. In other words, the pursuit of all-round performance is difficult to keep in balance.


PLATEPIA can make this balance problem go away!

Titanium's light weight and high stiffness not only allows for fast response, but also provides a unique oneness between the snowboard and the body.

This oneness means the board adapts to snow conditions and a variety of terrain.


This is the all-around performance we have achieved.

It's an easy addition to your snowboard.



Those who feel that their legs are heavy while riding the lift


atigue is difficult to express numerically.

We do not measure the numerical value of reactive oxygen species, which are the causative agent of fatigue.


By comparing it to the time it takes to ride a simple lift, you can get a concrete picture of the strain on your legs.


This is the calculation of lift ride time.

1 ride = 5 minutes
10 times = 50 minutes

More than 20 lift rides will result in a total of more than 100 minutes!


No wonder your legs are tired.


PLATEPIA's lightweight design reduces the load on one knee during the lift ride, little by little, without fail.


In the above example, it can reduce the accumulation of fatigue for 100 minutes.

Many people say that their legs are less tired the next day.


Please remember this when you are on a lift ride.



Slalom lovers


In the popular [banked slalom] competition, the physical properties of titanium provide acceleration performance and vibration stability.

In the 22/23 season, PLATEPIA riders have won many times in competitions.


The unique physical performance is powerful enough to support the technique of manipulation.


On high-speed course layouts, the new stainless steel PLATEPIA-SPEED series will further enhance the physical performance.



Those who want to further strengthen their powder board


A day of extremely fresh snow is not something that can be encountered many times during the season.

And behind every great powder riding video, not only the rider, but also the accompanying cameraman, needs equipment with good flotation performance.

Titanium's lightness and stiffness give snowboards the ability to float, maintain speed, and move easily.

Wide-boards for powder have excellent floatability, but adding a PLATEPIA will add even more floatability.

It is possible to maintain speed on gentle slopes.

It is also possible to overtake your friends.


It should be used by snowboarders who want to spend their time well.



Children and women

Women and children of all ages and genders use center discs of nearly identical construction.

And the increased weight and excessive stiffness of the equipment is more likely to impair performance for lighter weight people.

To eliminate this difference in body weight, we recommend taking advantage of PLATEPIA's high-efficiency power.


Energy-saving high power offers great potential, especially for women and children.

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