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PLATEPIA 1.0 series




PLATEPIA1.0 series


P1.0 extensibility


The PLATEPIA1.0 (P1.0) series is compatible and future expandable.

For example, if you own multiple bindings that are compatible with PLATEPIA, you can use multiple bindings by changing the outer CLOCK (plastic ring).

[1.0 series compatible CLOCK is 4kinds】

・For FLUX Binding/YONEX ex-FIT*1

・For DRAKE Binding/K2 ex-FIT*1

・For UNION Binding (early model/late model)

・For NOW/JONES Binding*2


By sharing PLATE1.0 with each CLOCK, you can replace or purchase more bindings in the future.

You can select bindings according to changes in the environment such as ski slopes and competitions.

*1 [ex-FIT] is a binding manufacturer that has been approved for additional compliance by our company.

*2CLOCK single item sales are undecided.

​Differences in UNION compatible models


Regarding the differences between PLATEPIA1.0-U early type/PLATEPIA1.1-U late type.

The gear shape of the Ring differs depending on the release date of the UNION binding, and is divided into numbers Ring 1.0 and 1.1.

・1.0/Early model (~19-20)/Orange color

・1.1/late model (20-21~)/yellow *1, *2

In this case, you can install it by pushing in the Ring at the desired angle and setting it, then attaching the PLATE1.0 from above.

Detail isInstallation method pagePlease confirm.


*1 Some bindings released in the later model period may have a slightly narrower disc hole diameter.


*2 The latest model Union binding is compatible with the late model PLATEPIA1.1-U.

How to deal with centering adjustment


For those who require centering, we have an alternative method that we recommend.

We recommend that you choose a Binding that has a "heel cup adjustment feature" that allows you to move the heel cup.

This allows you to adjust the centering.


UNION, DRAKE, and SALOMON's "The Future" have this function.


For more information on heel cup adjustment and centering adjustment, please see the installation page.





All stainless steel model SPEED


New product! SPEED is about twice as hard as the titanium model.


It is tailored to improve performance in the high-speed range.


SPEED is made of all stainless steel material, further enhancing its physical characteristics as a composite-type structured disc.


Physical properties that exceed those of the titanium model.

①Torsion reinforcement

②Response performance

③High-speed stability

④Carving performance


A stainless steel SELECTIVE SPACER is included as standard, and this model is specially designed for the speed category, where time is the deciding factor.


You can fine-tune it to your liking according to the course layout and changing course conditions.


The SPEED's edge grip is so unique that it can cut through icy snow and transform even standard snowboards into speed specs.


Weight will be increased compared to the Titanium model.


Weight data of PLATEPIA 1.0-SPEED

(Titanium model 1 set: approx. 192g

(Titanium model 1 set: approx. 116g)

Stainless steel SELECTIVE SPACER: 7g

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