Basic Safety Rules

Check our updated website safety information before using.​

Read First! Important Safety Instructions.


Disclaimer and rules of usage

Read First! Important Safety Instructions.

Thank you very much for choosing PLATEPIA.

Snowboarding  can be dangerous if used improperly. Read upon the rules and regulations and respect them. Safety is our main concern. It is advised this rules and regulations should be placed within your reachable distance and check our website regularly for the safety instructions.  J.P Tight Inc. assumes no responsibility for following accidents and consequences:

1. Death, fall, bodily damage, third party’s liability when the user did not respect the stated rules and regulations.

2. Damage to snowboards and bindings.

3. Accidents caused by chairlifts and gondolas.

Preparation for Installation

Please be noted that followings should be ready:

1. Workplace

2. Tools

3. Parts

(1) A workbench or a level hard floor.

(2) No work on the snow or ice. Work only indoors to avoid humidity and  to make tightening  screws easier.

(3)  Work in a larger space not to damage floors, walls and snowboards.

(4) Keep children off the workplace.

(5) No electric power tools. Use only a P3 plus screw driver

(6) Check if the product package contains all the necessary parts.

(7) Keep the Users Manual and Parts.

(8) Follow the procedure for the faultless installation to avoid consequential damage.

(9) Get outside help in case you are not capable of proper installation. Have a third party to check  if the installation is done accordingly.


Please read the below notes carefully and act accordingly.

Use special caution for the following matters which might result in equipment damage, even death, and serious injuries.

1. Do not rent it to a third party. Usage is strictly limited to the first user of the product (product owner hereafter).

2. Those who weigh more than 99.3kg are prohibited to use.

3. Use only for “Free Style Snowboarding.”

4. Such usages as “Alpine snowboarding”, which the company assumes prohibited.

5. Do not use the product with modified snowboards and/or bindings.

6. Fasten the container of PLATEPIA - installed snowboard when on board a bus and automobiles.

7. Let the third party follow the rules and regulation as he/she installs PLATEPIA.

8. Make sure that inner holding pad, screw holes are not deformed, and do not use when damaged.

9. Strictly follow the installation procedure the company established.

10. Do not mix PLATEPIA with other binding related products by other makers.

11. Use only provided washers.

12. Make sure that the products are tightly fastened when snowboarding and maintain a good condition.

13. Do not snowboard when the product is damaged, deformed, and deteriorated.

14. Enjoy snowboarding, jumping and tricks, and spins etc within your capability.

15. Follow the rules of product applicability with snowboard makers.

16. Refrain from doing any dangerous thing which the company so considers.

17. Do not resell or rent the products to others.

18. Do not modify the product.

19. Do not place or store the product in such premises as balcony, outside deck. Keep it off heaters, and humidity.

20. Tighten screws in 4-bolt tightening sequence.

21. Change the inner color ring within a year from the date of delivery.


The warranty does not apply when the product is used inappropriately.

The warranty period is 2 (two) years from the date of delivery.

If any malfunction should occur in the inner plate area due to makers fault, the company warrants the repair or replacement at free charge on condition that the product is properly utilized.

For more detailed information such as repair and replacement, contact our customer service department.


However the warranty is not applicable if the causes of defect should result from the following conditions and reasons.

▪ After the expiry date.

▪ Third party liability caused by the owner.

▪ when it is resold to the third party by the initial owner.

▪ When the purchase date is not clearly stated.

▪ When appropriate and timely replacement of colored rings are neglected.

▪ Force majeure and unexpected accidents.

▪ Troubles caused by an inappropriate usage or in transit to the owner.

▪ When it is used the way the company does not believes appropriate.

▪ When troubles are caused by inappropriate usage that the company believes.

▪ When troubles caused by deformation and inappropriate handling.

▪ Failure with consumable parts.

▪ Failure other than inner plate area.

▪ Fall and corruption with others.

▪ All other accidents and troubles the company believes irrational.

Repair and Maintenance

Important Safety Instructions.

1. The product might have small scratches and burrs during crafting, which are not fatal.

2. Use P3 screw driver only.

3. Tighten/loosen screws in a 4-Bol pattern and evenly. Give no scratches to screw holes.

4. Clean the PLATEPIA after usage and keep it always dry.

5. Make sure if the PLATEPIA is securely fastened before usage.

6. Do not use anti-loosening material which might cause trouble when assembling.

7. There might some prints of screws and washers at the sole.

8. Inner color rings should be replaced annually.

9. Follow your local rules when disposing the used products and packaging.

10. The product is designed for ordinary snowboarders


Installation tips

Clean snow and ice off the binding and snowboard.