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FLUX BINDING 4×4 Available : Titanium plate×2,Screws×8,Washers×8,color ring×2,PLATEPIA USER MANUAL / Inner color rings should be replaced annually. / Authentic Made-in-Japan / Use Phillips screwdriver#3(PH3). / The warranty period is 2(two)year from the date of delivery.


PLATEPIA is designed by the leading edge technology to upgrade freedom and flexibility of snowboarding.It made consequently possible to change the power transmission method to the board and efficient energy distribution.

This is a new Snowboard Thesis in the world established in Kawasaki,Japan.  

The technology was awarded Mayor Prize for its contribution to Scientific Development for the city.The titanium disc will add “lightness”“ultra high rebound” “agility”and “stability”to snowboards.

Snow Over Mountains



Customer response

A: Very light. Able to attain higher Ollie. Enhance flexibility of the board. Easier carving.




A: Titanium is, in principle, strong . The life-span of titanium plate is longer than boards and bindings. Rest assured.



Does it hurt feet because they are so tightly fixed together.

A: With PLATEPIA, the board gains more flexibility, so you do not feel too tight. It is client’s discretion to adjust motion range by using different type of straps, high backs and materials. It is also designed to fit those snowboarders who are suffering from after-effects of injuries.


Does anyone tell the difference with or without it?

A: Yes, the moment you install it, you will tell the difference. Beginners, just compare the snowboarding with old disc and PLATEPIA. You will be surprised, and you will not feel tired on the ski-lift.



Who designed it?

A: Tommy Awakuni, one of the top ranking pro-snowboarder of Japan.

He is an officially approved technician and an authorized scientist by the public institution. He is the one and only snowboard plate designer in the world as a pro-snowboarder with scientific knowledge.



Too expensive for a pair of plates.

A: PLATEPIA is “priceless” to give a precious time to everyone who enjoys snowboarding. We know you will love them once you use them.



Where can we purchase one?

A: Visit and order by Amazon Prime in the U.S.A. and you will get one the next day. In other countries, add transportation and handling fees to the retail price.

In Japan we do not sell in the retail stores, but through our website only. Sorry, we do not ship them overseas at this time.



Any product similar to or copy of PLATEPIA?

A: No, as far as we know. This is a special product to add extraordinary effect to  snowboards.



Do you increase number of compatible PLATEPIA with other snowboard makers than the current ones.

A: Yes, we try to do so. UNION, DRAKE, and FLUX are PLATEPIA compatible with for the 20-21 season.



Will “Optional” be sold?

A: Yes, in the future. Sorry, it is still confidential.



What sort of users do you have in Japan?

A: Our data shows that contestants and instructors are main clients in 2018. Beginners were main clients and new tendency was that pro-snowboarders and instructors purchased more than one set in 2019. Contestants and beginners in 2020. Male users shares 80%. Most users have more than one set of snowboard.



Do you have exclusive contract professionals?

A: Yes, number of pro’s and top ranking amateurs. Visit SNS for the video.



Can we use them in the official contests?

A: As of 2020, there is no rule against them. No problem as to usage on the ordinary snow slopes.



What are the popular models ?

A: FLUX compatible model is most popular in Japan. FLUX compatible is traditionally popular and 4X4 is much easier to install them. UNION has two different types and older one is more popular. DRAKE is a new model here in Japan but started to sell well.



Can we have a test ride?

A: Yes, at designated facilities in Japan. Sorry but, not available overseas.

Please enjoy our YouTube version with English translation. Those YouTubers who would like to have a test ride, please contact us.