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Basic Safety Rules

Check our updated website safety information before using.​

Read First! Important Safety Instructions.​



Installation order 

Preparation for Installation

Please note that followings should be ready before installing:

1. Workplace

2. Tools

3. Parts

Disclaimer and rules of usage

Read First! Important Safety Instructions.

Thank you very much for choosing PLATEPIA.

Snowboarding  inherently exposes the rider to different levels of danger. As such, rider safety, and the safety of others in the riding environment, is our primary concern.


Please read  and familiarize yourself with this User Manual before using PLATEPIA and riding your snowboard


JP Tight Inc. assumes no responsibility for the following events when using PLATEPIA:

1.Death, falls, bodily damage; or other injuries sustained while riding.

2.Damage to snowboards and bindings, boots, or other gears.

3.Accidents or injuries  caused by chairlifts, gondolas, or other riders and skiers.

Pre-Installation Warnings:

Please read the below warnings carefully and act accordingly.

1. Strictly follow the installation procedure in this User Manual.

2. Do not resell or rent your PLATEPIA to a third party. Usage is strictly limited to the first user of the product (“product owner” hereafter)

3. Those who weigh more than 99.3kg (ie 218 lbs.) Should not use the PLATEPIA.

4. Use only for “Free Style Snowboarding.”

5. Such usages as “Alpine snowboarding”, which the company assumes prohibited.

6. Do not modify  the PLATEPIA.

7. Do not use the PLATEPIA with modified snowboards and / or bindings.

8. Do not use the PLATEPIA with other binding related products by other makers.

9. Make sure that inner holding pad, screw holes are not deformed, and do not use when damaged.

10. Fasten  the container of your PLATEPIA with other binding related products by other makers.

11. All third parties should follow the instructions and warnings in the User Manual when installing PLATEPIA.

12. Make sure that the inner holding pad, and screw holes are not deformed. Do not use if damaged ..

13. Use only provided washers.

14. Make sure that the PLATEPIA is tightly fastened when snowboarding.

15. Do not snowboard when the product is damaged, deformed, or deteriorated.

16. Enjoy snowboarding, jumping and tricks, and spins only within your ability.

17. Follow all rules and instructions provided by the maker of your snowboard.

18. Do not place or store the product in such a premises as a balcony, or on an outside deck. Keep it off heaters and avoid humidity.

19. Tighten screws in 4-bolt tightening sequence.

20. Change the inner color ring within a year from the date of delivery.


This warranty does not apply when the product is used improperly.

The warranty period is 2 (two) years from the date of delivery to the consumer.

If any malfunction should occur in the inner plate area due to the makers' fault, the company warrants the repair or replacement at free charge on condition that the product is properly utilized.

For more detailed information such as repair and replacement, contact our customer service department.


The warranty is not applicable in the following circumstances:

▪ After the expiration date.

▪ Third party liability caused by the owner.

▪ When the PLATEPIA  is resold or rented to a third party by the initial owner.

▪ When the purchase date is not clearly stated.

▪ When appropriate and annually replacement of colored rings are neglected.

▪ Force majeure and unexpected accidents.

▪ Troubles caused by inappropriate usage by the rider, including while in, as determined by the Company.

▪ When troubles are caused by deformation and inappropriate handling.

▪ Failure with consumable parts.

▪ A failure that has occurred outside the inner plate area.

Repair and Maintenance:

Points to be checked.

1. The product might have small scratches and burrs during crafting, which do not render the produce unseable.

2. Use P3 screw driver only.

3. Tighten / loosen screws in a 4-Bol pattern and evenly. Give no scratches to screw holes.

4. Clean the PLATEPIA after usage and always keep it dry.

5. Make sure the PLATEPIA is securely fastened before usage.

6. Do not use anti-loosening material which might cause trouble when assembling.

7. There might be some prints of screws and washers at the sole.

8. Replace the inner color rings annually.

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